Boston: Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Project:
The Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail Project is a two-phased effort to restore the mile-long Charles River Reservation multi-use paths and parkland between Watertown Square and the Watertown Yacht Club along Charles River Road.

The Phase 1 project area is a 3,200-foot-long, crescent-shaped swath of parkland along the north bank of the river between Watertown Square and the Perkins School, encompassing 12 acres.  It includes a Braille Trail and Sensory Garden, with a design managed by DCR and developed with the assistance of the Perkins School, as well as improvements to the site’s riverbank, pathways, and landscape.   A signalized crossing at the Irving Street-Charles River Road intersection will be among the improvements made.

Phase 2 of the project will include pathway improvements and riverbank access and restoration along the area located on either side of the Phase 1 area, running upstream to the recently-restored Watertown Landing site at Watertown Square and downstream to the Watertown Yacht Club.

Springfield: Reopening of Union Station, Springfield
Dormant since the 1970s, Union Station in Springfield is nearing the moment of its rebirth as Springfield’s major train station following an $88.5 million rehabilitation that took decades to get moving but is expected to be completed after just about two years of work.  Projected opening is January 2017.

MetroWest: APEX Center of New England
Construction is underway on The APEX Center of New England located in the city of Marlborough. The facility will feature 150,000 SF custom-designed entertainment complex, a Hyatt and Marriott hotel, Six restaurants, 60,000+ SF of retail stores, Modern Office/Medical Facility. Slated to open in late fall 2017.