International FAM’s

FAM: Germany | Wolfgang Greiner

Dates: June 1-14, 2018

Theme: Roadtrip New England

Title: Publisher and chief editor of Roadtrip Magazine

Publication: Roadtrip,

Angle: Outdoor, nature, history, culinary

# of participants: 1 (one room)

publisher and chief editor of Roadtrip Magazine 


Boston: overnights and dinners (June 11, July 12)

Distribution Area, Circulation and Brochure/Web Publication dates:


Anticipated publication:

The NE road trip story will mainly be featured in the August/September 2018 issue with a minimum of 12 „screens“ (=pages) including multimedia (text with images incl. slide shows as well as short video clips and large info box with direkt links). Additional publication on the websites ( when the magazine is going live and parallel to the production as a travel blog) and also on Instagram (posts and Insta stories „live“ during the production) – Insta handle @roadtrip_mag (currently about 18,000 followers).

Individual parts of the production will be used for future publications. The story may also appear in Roadtrip Print“, which will hopefully be realized in 2019. “Roadtrip Print” is designed as a coffee table magazine with 2 issues per year.

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FAM: Germany | Detleft Berg

Dates: June 20 – 28, 2018


Boston: overnights and meals (June 20, June 21)

Berkshires: overnight and meals (June 22, June 23)

Plymouth: overnight and dinner (June 24)

Martha’s Vineyard: overnights and meals (June 25, June 26)

Cape Cod: overnight and meals (June 27)

About: Detleft Berg is a freelance journalist with over 25 years of experience writing about worldwide travel, food, hotel industry, design experiences for a variety of publications.

Publication: HNA Reisezeit

Circulation: 1.100.000

Reach: 2.9 million readers

Frequency: weekly newspaper

Language: German

Story Angle

General interest piece on Massachusetts attractions, including: Cape Cod & Islands and cultural experiences, like Tanglewood and the Berkshires

Anticipated Results:

Number in Party: 1

Detleft Berg

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FAM: United Kingdom | Neil Sowerby

Dates: July 6 – 16,2018


Salem: overnights and meals (July 6, July 7)

Concord/Lexington: overnight and dinner (July 8)

Hyannis: overnights and dinner (July 9, July 10)

Amherst: overnight and dinner (July 11)

Boston: overnights and meals (July 12, July 13, July 14, July 15)

Neil Sowerby, Travel Editor for Manchester Confidential, will be coming to Massachusetts in July 2018. Neil is an Oxford educated travel writer who has worked for several national newspapers in the UK. For the past eight years, Neil has been the Travel Editor of the Manchester Confidential website series, including Leeds and Liverpool. Neil writes extensively about craft beer, edits the Taste of Manchester website and contributes to food and drink reviews on a number of high profile outlets.

Publication Information: Manchester Confidential

Circulation: 380,000 UMV combined

Frequency: Daily

Language: English

Story Angle

Anticipated Results:

Neil will write three articles with fact box and extensive image gallery

Additionally, Neil will live tweet and Instagram his Massachusetts experience 

Publication: September 2018

Length of coverage: 1,500 words each article

Type of coverage: online

Estimated media value: $57,640 each article on 3 sites

Number in Party: 2

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FAM United Kingdom Media | Abigail King, Lonely Planet

Dates: June 11 – June 23, 2018


About: Abi is a doctor turned travel writer and has an award-winning blog that concentrates on unusual travel and thoughtful luxury – it’s called Inside the TravelLab. Abi also works with Lonely Planet and Nat Geo on freelance travel projects.

Inside the TravelLab + Lonely Planet (LP) |

Circulation: 29,000

Publication: online

Language: English

Story Angle

To highlight MA as a fly-drive destination for couples with a young child. The idea is to reassure people that their travels don’t end when they have children and that they can still see the world, albeit with a few modifications. Also that a parent’s interests or travel patterns don’t have to change so much – family accessible travel where you can still really get under the skin of a destination.

Anticipated Results:

A combination of blog posts on Inside the Travel Lab and coverage with Lonely Planet – likely to be the live broadcasts as before but obviously she would need to clear it with them once we have a better idea of the itinerary. Also coverage on ITTL Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Facebook: ITTL: 6,534 LP: 1,700,435

Instagram: ITTL: 13,600

Twitter: ITTL: 19,600

Note: Live broadcasts on Instagram and Facebook Live. Likely to be on Lonely Planet channels as before but need to confirm.

Length of coverage: 5 x blog articles ranging 500 – 2000 words

Publication: Within 9 months of trip

Please respond to Abigail Phillips at