International FAM’s

DNE| UK: Lynn Melanie Houghton Media FAM

Dates: May 5 – May 10, 2018 


Salem overnight: May 5

Concord/Lexington overnight and dinner: May 6

Cape Cod overnights and dinners: May 7 , May 8

Martha’s Vineyard overnight and dinner: May 9

Publication: Woman’s Weekly

Type:  Print

Circulation: 296,793

Editorial value: $128,700

Story Angles: Cape Cod, Salem, Concord for Louisa May Alcott anniversary, Martha’s Vineyard.

Anticipated Coverage: My own blog and will be included in article for Woman’s Weekly

Publication Date: June 2018

Total FAM Participants: #1

Lynn Houghton

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FAM: Scandinavian Group Press FAM with SAS

FAM Background: 6 top media from Scandinavia escorted by representatives from SAS (Mariam Skovfoged, Head of Media Relations in SAS Denmark & Fredrik Henriksson, Head of Media Relations in SAS Sweden) and Atlantic Link Scandinavia (Karin Gert Nielsen and Kirstine Dam Olsen) – 10 people in total.

Countries: Denmark and Sweden

Media invited: BØRSEN (DK), Jysk Fynske Medier (DK), JP (DK), Allt om Resor/Expressen (SE), Dagens Nyheter (SE) 

FAM Objective:

– To promote Massachusetts, with focus on Boston, as a unique destination for business and leisure by highlighting attractions/activities, places to stay, dining options, etc.

– To promote SAS service from Copenhagen to Boston (direct flights 7 days a week)

This will be done through a group media FAM with some of Scandinavia’s largest media. The FAM will covers visits to Boston attractions, hotels and restaurants, as well as allow the participants the opportunity to experience the city’s easy accessibility to and from Scandinavia.

Check-In Arrival: Friday, April 20, 2018

Check-Out Departure: Sunday, April 22, 2018

Total FAM Participants: 10  (6 Media, Escorts from SAS: Mariam Skovfoged, Head of Media Relations in SAS Denmark & Fredrik Henriksson, Head of Media Relations in SAS Sweden, and 2 escorts from Atlantic Link Scandinavia (Karin Gert Nielsen and Kirstine Dam Olsen). 


Media Participants & Profiles

Media Participant: Niklas Bahrenscheer, Editor


Publication: BØRSEN, Denmark

Profile: Børsen is Denmark’s largest financial newspaper. Besides business and finance, they also focus on cultural events, fashion, travels, cars and other consumer goods for the high-income segment. Readers generally have an income 80% above the average Danish income, and are mainly CEO’s, entrepreneurs, investors, and other strong influencers.

Reach, print: 154,182 (1 page value: $13,580)

Reach, online: 436,680 (1 page value: $ 22,297)


Media Participant: Søren Thorup, Travel Editor


Publication: Jysk Fynske Medier, Denmark

Profile: Søren Thorup is Editor-in-chief of the travel section at Jysk Fynske Medier, which is comprised of 13 daily newspapers, 57 weekly newspapers, 4 radio stations and several online newspapers and magazines. All of them are regional newspapers featuring a considerable travel section. From press trips the newspaper writes sound and beautiful articles with interesting and new angles for the Danish travelers.

Reach, daily newspapers: 438,000 (1 page value: $8,386)

Reach, weekly newspapers: 839,000

Reach, online: 2,000.000 monthly users


Media Participant: Thomas Linder Kamure, Editor-in-Chief


Publication: JP/Politiken, Denmark

Profile: Jyllands-Posten is one of Denmark’s largest daily newspapers. The readers are located all over the country, and are often engaged in the business world with an income above average. The newspaper covers all general issues from business, politics and international issues to travels, culture and consumption. JP Rejser is a weekly travel supplement to the newspaper Jyllands-Posten focusing on exotic destinations far away and the news form or new perspectives on destinations close by.

Reach, print: 247,000 (1 page value: $17,848)

Reach, online: 1,180,645 (1 page value: $9,137)


Media Participant: Elisabeth Montgomery, Editor

Status: TBD (Invited, not confirmed)

Publication: Allt om Resor (Expressen), Sweden

Profile: Allt om Resor is a monthly travel magazine distributed with Expressen (one of the largest daily newspapers in the Nordic region). Allt om Resor is one of Sweden’s most widely read travel magazines, with inspirational articles, travel tips, city guides and more. More than one of five Swedes between the ages of 15-79 read Expressen or one of its affiliated newspapers every day. Readers are of all ages, live all over Sweden, and have all kinds of professions and interests.

Reach, print: 269,000 (1 page value: $5,855)

Reach, online: 254,327 (1 page value: $19,994)


Media Participant: Peter Wolodarski, Editor-in-Chief

Status: TBD (Invited, not confirmed)

Publication: Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

Profile: Dagens Nyheter is a Swedish daily newspaper which covers national and international news, financial news, culture, sports, travel and more.

It has the largest circulation of Swedish morning newspapers and is the only morning newspaper that is distributed to subscribers across the whole country.

Reach, print: 665,000 (1 page value: $36,072)

Reach, online: 1,500,000 (1 page value: $35,895)


Media Participant: TBD

Status: TBD

Publication: TBD

Profile: TBD

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FAM: Post-DNE Italy Group Trade FAM, Italy

Group Description: Group is comprised by some of the most important tour operators in Italy that work in promoting the US as a travel destination. They will be here for the DNE Summit 2018, but required one overnight in Boston at the end of their stay before their departure with TAP Portugal. Overnight is for Friday, April 27.


10 Comp Rooms on Friday, April 27 (NOTE: Group can be split in 2 hotels x 1 overnight)

One hosted Dinner on Friday, April 27

Check-Out: Saturday, April 28 

FAM Participants (10):

Mr. Giorgio IURI, USA Booking Specialist


Alidays Travel Experiences was founded in 1992 with the idea of bringing the Italian University world to travel.  Immediately, the “leisure” industry has seen a significant development, thanks to the concept of the tailor-made itinerary. The project started from the North American destination, but was later extended to other long-haul destinations: North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Pacific, Oceania, the Orient, Middle East, Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean and Sud America.

Create unique “travel experiences,” which will make the customers happy.

For Alidays, to “travel” means to broaden one’s horizons without prejudice;to respond to the curiosity to know the people, the stories, and the places of the trip. Traveling is a passion that enriches and makes you happy.

The objective of Alidays is to create travel experiences that involve reason and heart.

RECEPTIVES: Tour Mappers, TeamAmerica, Bonotel, HotelBeds, ATI, Tourico

Mrs. Martina DUBS, USA Booking Specialist


Cividin “Your Travel Planner” is the tour operator located in Trieste specialized in tailor-made tours. It offers proposals for FITs, Groups, itineraries which handle all the destinations in the US, with a particular selection of boutiques hotels, exclusive accommodations and original excursions/sightseeings. The major product is the honeymoon offer, romantic tailor made  packages for every couple.

RECEPTIVES: Tour Mappers, TeamAmerica, GTA, HotelBeds.

Mrs. Alessandra CROSATO, USA PM


Small TO based in Treviso (NorthEast Italy) specialized in tailor made programs, fly&drive, FIT.

Would improve and create more tours in New England region.

RECEPTIVES: Tour Mappers, TeamAmerica, Bonotel, HotelBeds, ATI, GTA, Tourico.


GASTALDI Holidays to Live

Gastaldi Holidays to Live is a tour operator specialized in long haul leisure travel. In New England regione they do offer escorted torurs, fly& drive itineraries and customized FIT tours.

RECEPTIVES: TeamAmerica, Gastaldi USA, HotelBeds, Tour Mappers, GTA, ATI.

Mrs. Ivana Di Stasio, USA PM


I Viaggi del Delfino is a Wholesale Tour operator based in Southern Italy, serving long haul destinations since 1987 and featuring U.S.A product as specialist since 2000. Currently USA is their best seller destination. Their  main market is based on honeymooners, but they are  also specialized in leisure groups and FIT. The product they cater is high end, tailor made. They do offer escorted motorcoach tours, hotels, services and prefixed fly & drives. They are interested in developing product, knowledge and expertise in all other destinations that are less popular for the southern Italian market.

RECEPTIVES: Tourmappers, Teamamerica, Alliedtpro, Opentours, Hotelbeds. 

Mr. Riccardo MINOZZI, USA PM


Wholesale tour operator based in Rome offering long haul destinations since 1974 and specialized in tailor made proposal for fits and groups.


Mrs. Consuelo CERRI, USA PM


Viaggidea is one of the TOP tour operator in Italy belonging to the Alpitour Group. They deal with long haul destinations only. They do have a dedicated USA annual catalogue featuring escorted tours, self drive itineraries and city breaks.


#8           TBD

#9           Olga Mazzonni, Thema Nuovi/MOTT Italy – Group Escort

#10         Davide Calicchia, Public Relations, TAP Portugal – Group Escort 

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United Kingdom Media FAM | Tiffany Brien, Influencer

Dates: May 5 – May 11, 2018


About: Tiffany Brien is a former Miss Northern Ireland representative. She runs a social media profile of her life on Instagram and Facebook. She is very well known throughout Northern Ireland and is followed by women between the ages of 24 and 40. She boasts a variety of social media promotions on behalf of several businesses. Tiffany is involved in glamorous travel, adventure, and sporting activities.

Publication Information: Sunday Life

Circulation: 170,000

Frequency: Weekly

Demographics: 48% men 52% women

Language: English

Social media:

Instagram: @tiffanybrien 50,300 followers

Facebook: @tiffanybrienblog 94,595 likes

Twitter: @tiffanyjbrien 5,890 followers

Snapchat: tiffbrien

Story Angle

Anticipated Results:

Publication: Live + by November 2018 complete

Length of coverage: 40 posts, vlog, 1 print column

Estimated media value: $300,000

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United Kingdom Media FAM | Abigail King, Lonely Planet

Dates: June 11 – June 23, 2018


About: Abi is a doctor turned travel writer and has an award-winning blog that concentrates on unusual travel and thoughtful luxury – it’s called Inside the TravelLab. Abi also works with Lonely Planet and Nat Geo on freelance travel projects.

Inside the TravelLab + Lonely Planet (LP) |

Circulation: 29,000

Publication: online

Language: English

Story Angle

To highlight MA as a fly-drive destination for couples with a young child. The idea is to reassure people that their travels don’t end when they have children and that they can still see the world, albeit with a few modifications. Also that a parent’s interests or travel patterns don’t have to change so much – family accessible travel where you can still really get under the skin of a destination.

Anticipated Results:

A combination of blog posts on Inside the Travel Lab and coverage with Lonely Planet – likely to be the live broadcasts as before but obviously she would need to clear it with them once we have a better idea of the itinerary. Also coverage on ITTL Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Facebook: ITTL: 6,534 LP: 1,700,435

Instagram: ITTL: 13,600

Twitter: ITTL: 19,600

Note: Live broadcasts on Instagram and Facebook Live. Likely to be on Lonely Planet channels as before but need to confirm.

Length of coverage: 5 x blog articles ranging 500 – 2000 words

Publication: Within 9 months of trip

Please respond to Abigail Phillips at

Domestic FAM’s

Art Weber Media FAM | The Mirror & Press Newspapers

Dates: May 4 – May 12, 2018


About: Art Weber’s life is in the outdoors and nature. He’s served thirty years with Metroparks of Toledo (Ohio) as their public relations director and the last 16 as director of photography. As a freelancer and on the masthead of The Mirror (circ 12,602) and The Press (34,642) he’s taken pride in producing quality award-winning columns and story/photo packages on nature and travel destinations.

Sue Shea is contributing food writer to The Mirror Newspapers producing sidebars of up to 500 words to accompany Art Weber’s column. She’s known in northwest Ohio for her award-winning culinary skills.

Story Angle: This trip will cover a significant portion of Massachusetts for future pieces. Major themes, include: maritime history, literary history, the American Revolution, and coastal Massachusetts


Anticipated Results:

Publication: Late May through June (thee pieces)

Length of Coverage:  Two full pages (Mirror), 1/2 page (Press)

Publication Information:

Demographic: Suburban, middle class, mobile

Reach: The Mirror 12,602

Frequency: weekly

Beat: Weekly outdoors column/photographer

Please respond to Abigail Phillips at