Why do people return to Cape Cod every year? Maybe it’s the simply stunning beaches, consistently ranked among the best in the country. Maybe it’s all the fun things to do, like biking, kayaking, summer theater, whale watching, and world-class golf. Maybe it’s that it’s such a special place that the moment you leave, you’re planning your next trip there. Or maybe they make you sign some sort of Return To The Cape contract? No, that’d be weird.

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Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

  • Nauset Beach


  • Woods Hole X
  • Nobska Point Lighthouse

    Nobska Point Lighthouse

    Woods Hole

  • NOAA Fisheries Science Aquarium

    NOAA Fisheries Science Aquarium

    Woods Hole

  • MBL Club

    MBL Club

    Woods Hole

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Woods Hole