Don’t tell anyone, but Massachusetts is kind of a big nerd. We simply love science and nature. You could say it’s in our nature, with scenic roads like the lovely Mohawk Trail, 1500 miles of postcard pretty coastline, and some of America’s most brilliant fall foliage. We could spend hours at the Museum of Science, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and wish we could live at the Franklin Park Zoo or maybe the Butterfly Place, surrounded by colorful creatures. And don’t even get us started on the New England Aquarium, fully renovated in 2013.

June is rivers month. Check out the 2014 Massachusetts Rivers Months Calendar.

  • Boston Public Garden

  • Franklin Park Zoo, Boston

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  • Alan E. Rich Environmental Park +
    28 saves

    Alan E. Rich Environmental Park


  • Animal Adventures +
    83 saves

    Animal Adventures


  • Brookfield Orchards +
    21 saves

    Brookfield Orchards

    North Brookfield

  • Carter & Stevens Farm +
    4 saves

    Carter & Stevens Farm


  • Davis Farmland and MegaMaze +
    167 saves

    Davis Farmland and MegaMaze


  • Doane's Falls +
    67 saves

    Doane's Falls


  • EcoTarium - A Museum of Science & Nature +
    170 saves

    EcoTarium - A Museum of Science & Nature


  • Leominster Marketplace +
    2 saves

    Leominster Marketplace


  • Millers River Blue Trail +
    28 saves

    Millers River Blue Trail


  • Millers River Environmental Center +
    1 saves

    Millers River Environmental Center


  • Purgatory Chasm +
    112 saves

    Purgatory Chasm


  • Red Apple Farm +
    18 saves

    Red Apple Farm


  • Royalston Falls +
    325 saves

    Royalston Falls


  • Southwick's Zoo +
    128 saves

    Southwick's Zoo


  • Swift River Reservation +
    22 saves

    Swift River Reservation


  • Tougas Family Farm +
    29 saves

    Tougas Family Farm


  • Tower Hill Botanic Garden +
    154 saves

    Tower Hill Botanic Garden




    The collaboration of 3 Great Museums, all within a few miles distance, offering discount admissions incentives to enhance visitation to these... more

    + 8 saves
  • Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary


    Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester is the largest urban wildlife sanctuary in New England, with more than 400 acres cooperatively managed... more

    + 1 saves
  • Charlton Woods


    Charlton Woods is a recreation and conference center located on 380 acres of beautiful woodland, including a 35 acre pond. Activities include... more

    + 4 saves

Outdoor Adventure: It's all here

Looking for fun things to do and see in Massachusetts?

Get some outdoor adventure ideas