Not to brag, but Massachusetts was made for family fun. We have six zoos and three aquariums. We have hundreds of charming farms, where you can pick strawberries, peaches, or apples, and pet goats, ponies, or sheep. We have a pirate museum, a witch museum, and an Animagic museum. For fresh air family fun, we have the best beaches for sandcastle building, the best places to pitch a tent, and the best places to learn how to ski. For rainy days, we have an indoor trampoline park, an indoor water park, and one of the best children’s museums in the country. We have the Basketball Hall of Fame, Volleyball Hall of Fame, and one of the most famous and beloved ballparks in the world. We have swan boats, duck tours, whale watches and dinosaur tracks. Quite simply, we have everything fun for kids of any and all ages. Okay, maybe that was a little bit of bragging.

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Travel Information, Advice and Ideas for LGBTQ Parents

  • Jiminy Peak, Hancock

  • Codzilla, Boston

  • Sleigh Ride, Charlton

  • Davis Farmland, Sterling

  • Barnes Air Show, Westfield

  • Boston Tea Party Museum, Boston

  • A.D. Makepeace Company +
    56 saves

    A.D. Makepeace Company


  • The Enchanted Village +
    56 saves

    The Enchanted Village


  • Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum, Inc. +
    55 saves

    Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum, Inc.

    Shelburne Falls

  • Plymouth Cruises +
    53 saves

    Plymouth Cruises


  • Salem Kids Tours +
    52 saves

    Salem Kids Tours


  • Monomoy Island Excursion +
    51 saves

    Monomoy Island Excursion

    Harwich Port

  • Asa Waters Mansion +
    49 saves

    Asa Waters Mansion


  • Heritage Scenic River Cruises +
    49 saves

    Heritage Scenic River Cruises


  • Boston Brew Tours +
    48 saves

    Boston Brew Tours


  • Notchview Reservation +
    46 saves

    Notchview Reservation


  • Otis House Museum, A Historic New England Property +
    45 saves

    Otis House Museum, A Historic New England Property


  • Rose Kennedy Greenway +
    44 saves

    Rose Kennedy Greenway


  • Salem Time Machine 3D +
    44 saves

    Salem Time Machine 3D


  • Classic Harbor Line Boston +
    43 saves

    Classic Harbor Line Boston


  • Island Queen +
    43 saves

    Island Queen


  • Native Earth Teaching Farm +
    43 saves

    Native Earth Teaching Farm


  • The Emily Dickinson Museum +
    42 saves

    The Emily Dickinson Museum


  • Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge +
    41 saves

    Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge


  • Historic Boston Harbor Sailing Tours +
    41 saves

    Historic Boston Harbor Sailing Tours


  • Nichols House Museum +
    41 saves

    Nichols House Museum