Hang Glide New England

Fly like a bird! We offer the closest tandem hang gliding to Boston.

Tanner-hiller Airport, 298 Mcevoy Road, New Braintree, MA 01531

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Fly like a bird in a hang glider! Almost anyone can fly! We can introduce you to a bird's-eye view of scenic Massachusetts that's sure to be fun. Enjoy an awesome view as you experience free flight and discover how easy flying a hang glider can be. So reserve your tandem flight and get off of that perch! Tandem flights from 2500 ft. last around 20 minutes.You and the instructor are harnessed in a special hang glider with wheels so that no running or lifting is required and harnesses are already secure. A light tow plane tows you up into the sky. When your pilot releases from the "tow" you'll be off on your gliding adventure! You can enjoy the scenery and sensation of flight as you take the controls and feel the freedom of hang gliding and see why it's so much fun! We are the closest to Boston and offer exceptional flights for the best prices.


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