Historic 1699 Winslow House and Cultural Center

634 Careswell Street, Marshfield, MA 02050

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The historic 1699 Winslow House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the ancestral home of the founding family of Marshfield and was considered an avant-garde South Shore mansion. Built by Judge Isaac Winslow, grandson of Mayflower passenger and three-time governor of Plymouth Colony Edward Winslow, the house is an example of Marshfield's historic past. Virtually untouched by modernization, it was occupied by a family of governors, generals, doctors, lawyers and judges who helped to create Marshfield and the South Shore as we know it. It survives as an example of how some well-to-do landed gentry, particularly those loyal to the King, lived in the years prior to the American Revolutionary War. Beginning in 1920, the Winslow House has been the property of the Winslow House Association a group created specifically to promote and sustain the long-�­â��term preservation of the home. Today the Historic Winslow House is a cultural center for all of the South Shore communities, and beyond to enjoy.


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