A Christmas Museum (at Vaillancourt Folk Art

A journey through Christmas traditions throughout the world as recoded by Vaillancourt Chalkware.

9 Main Street, Suite 1-h, Sutton, MA 01590

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Since 1984, Vaillancourt Folk Art has been producing American-Made Chalkware figurines. While they are known for Christmas, their extensive collection also includes Halloween, Spring, Valentines and even animals like rabbits. In preparation for the 2008 Collector's Weekend, Judi's task at hand was to open the Vaillancourt Christmas Museum to help document the 2,500+ pieces that Judi has designed over the years. In addition to chalkware, the museum displays the German and Polish Glass Ornaments, Classical Christmas Creamware, and some of the rarest Vaillancourt pieces (including the Chess sets and Noah's Ark). The museum is constantly updating and changing, and documents the history of Vaillancourt Chalkware starting with the first three pieces painted in 1984. In addition to the Chalkware and Glass ornaments, thousands of antique chocolate, candy, and ice cream moulds are on display!

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