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An unexpected Massachusetts Whale Trail destination, this site is nowhere near the ocean. However, it can tell a few stories about it. Explore Arrowhead, the home of Herman Melville and location where he penned some of his most famous works--Moby Dick, in particular. The home was built in the 1780's, and Melville moved here in 1850. He came to call it "Arrowhead" after discovering multiple arrowheads buried around the property. Melville added a porch, which would become the setting for his "The Piazza Tales." Another interesting feature is that this porch faces Mt. Greylock, a view to which he dedicated his novel Pierre. The mountain also has a connection to Moby Dick; it's believed Melville's description of the white whale is said to have come from seeing Mt. Greylock covered in snow. Today, Arrowhead is a sought-after destination for literary fans from all around. Restored to its appearance at Melville's time, visitors step into another world here. Arrowhead is open to tours in the warmer months of the year.

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