3D Bean

We freeze your special moment in 3D. Experience the future of photography with a free photoshoot before purchase and preserve your treasured moments in 3D.

460 Harrison Avenue, Suite C15, Boston, MA 02118

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Our first customers were delighted by how special their photo figurines turned out to be. And we are truly proud of the smiles, laughter, and heartfelt tears our customers share with us when they receive their "tangible memories" in the form of 3D Photo Figurines for the first time. We are taking the traditional flat portrait and making it 3D so you can hold onto your own memories. Instead of scheduling a photoshoot for your yearly portrait, we'll make your own photo figurine. Everyone is invited to join: your family, friends, pets, employees, and anyone important to you.

Of Note:

  • Amenities: Pet Friendly


A statewide collection of 24 diverse works of art, from oil paintings to taxidermy frogs…


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