Live Action Escapes- Escape Rooms

Escape Room Games perfect for family, friends and company events.

1 Exchange Street, 3rd Floor, Worcester, MA 01608

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What's a real life escape room? We put you and your teammates into a room to solve a mystery before the time runs out. You may have seen something like this on a reality TV show or in a Movie, but now you can experience it in person. Each game has a different theme to explore, with different puzzles, riddles & mysteries to solve. Your story unfolds as you work together to search the room, locating clues that will help solve riddles & puzzles... escape games demand the use of critical thinking and problem-solving, making communication and teamwork very important. See if you can escape the room before the time runs out. There are five different escape games with four different themes to choose from. Your adventure awaits, each with its own set of challenges... Start Planning Your Escape Today!

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