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3 South of Boston Beaches to Visit This Summer

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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

There can be no doubt: beach season has arrived.

The past couple of weeks have brought Massachusetts more than its fair share of sticky days, and August promises more of it.

Along with enjoying frozen treats, this weather presents the perfect opportunity for some extra beach time, and that is an opportunity worth taking!

The South of Boston region, often recognized for its history, is home to some terrific beaches, too.

Here are three beaches that are each worth a trip before autumn arrives.

Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA

For anyone visiting Boston during the summer, Nantasket Beach is one of the best places to get some quality beach time. Nantasket is located just 20 miles away from the capital, placing it well within one hour’s drive from the city; the beach is open from dawn to dusk year round, with lifeguards keeping watch from late June through early September

Nantasket Beach Hull

Nantasket Beach at sunrise by Andy Gregorowicz via Flickr

There is a mild fee to park, costing $12 at the most. It’s more than worth the price of admission, though, as Nantasket features spectacular sunrises and looks out on three Boston lighthouses. Guests who like to be right on the beach might opt for some time at Nantasket Beach Resort, while those who like to bike can grab wheels from Nantasket Beach Bikes and dodge the parking fee.

Duxbury Beach in Duxbury, MA

Duxbury Beach is a sandy, six-mile barrier beach that hugs the south shore, connecting Marshfield and Plymouth. The beach, which is pleasantly removed from houses and local residences, is accessible by car, with directions helpfully listed out here.

Duxbury Beach

A clear summer day at Duxbury Beach

Upon arrival, there is parking available for visitors, and that runs $15 for the day. Bird watchers may be intrigued to know that piping plovers are big fans of Duxbury Beach and make a habit of nesting there. To dine on the water, The Beach House has a lunch room and snack options. If you’d like to plan an overnight in the area, The Windsor House Inn is a great option.

Long Beach in Plymouth, MA

Plymouth Harbor is partially protected by a narrow peninsula that juts out into the ocean. This sandy stretch, which extends for more than three miles, is aptly named Long Beach, and it treats visitors to a truly magnificent view.

Long Beach

Long Beach at its brilliant best by Adele Collins

Guests are welcome to leave their vehicles in the Day Parking Area or in designated sections along the beach, both of which are free of charge. Additional information, plus a map, is available here. For eats, Sandy’s is right on the beach, and to put your feet up nearby, the Pilgrim Sands on Long Beach is a fine low-key choice. The beach entrance is also quite close to Plimoth Plantation, another south of Boston attraction that should be on any family’s list.

If your plans for the rest of summer are more ambitious than three beach days (we can only hope!), there are many places to enjoy more in Massachusetts. For a few more aquatic ideas, just click here.

What’s your favorite south of Boston beach? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Nantasket Beach at sunset by Todd Van Hoosear via Flickr


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