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Kalon Farm: Fine Fields & Fantastic Fare in Central Mass

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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

Farm fresh food is all the rage these days, and for good reason.

Safe to say, farmland is relatively scarce in Boston, but once you get outside the city, there are cranberries to the south as well as plenty of farms to the west.

And it just so happens that the past year has brought a new addition to the agricultural scene in Central Mass: Kalon Farm, where you can get yourself all kinds of tasty food and spend an afternoon or two.

Here’s a quick introduction to what awaits.

Kalon Farm Pasture

Like cows! Cows await. Photo via Facebook

The story of Kalon Farm actually begins in Ashburnham, where Keith and Ashley Kopley started their first farm in 2009. By 2014, after growing from 50 to 150 acres, the Kopleys were ready to keep expanding and looked to Lancaster. The space they purchased, which used to be a snowmobile dealer, is now home to fewer engines and more hooves.

For shoppers, the farm has a whole lot to choose from. Grass-fed beef and lamb offer the most variety, in the form of more than four dozen cuts, including steak slices, lamb chops, roasts and burger patties. The chickens and pigs, which are raised free-range, are two more staples at Kalon Farm. Bulk and special orders can be requested as well, for beef, lamb and pork.


Kalon Farm ribs via Facebook

Visitors more interested in readymade meals will leave happy, too. The prepared foods list has substantial dishes, like hardy soups and meat pies. Kettle corn and locally baked goods can cover any snack shopping that needs to be done.

Kalon Farm Beef

Stewing up something good at Kalon Farm via Facebook

Meat may be the main fixture at Kalon Farm, but it’s certainly not the only thing on the menu. Inside the store, there are also plenty of locally sourced treats, from spreads to syrup to cheese. The farm also produces its own wine, with some of the selection being sold to stores but most of it heading to the farm store for customers.

Full shelves at Kalon Farm

Full shelves at Kalon Farm via Facebook

Along with shopping, Kalon Farm is a nice spot for a day out with the family. Spring brings baby animals, and with lots of green space during the warmer months, there’s ample room for picnicking or just relaxing time outdoors. Farm tours are available, too, for those who would like to explore more.

If you’re planning a trip to Kalon Farm or the surrounding area, the College Town Inn in Lancaster is well suited to overnights. You can take a look at more here.

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  • Lysa Miller

    I live in Bolton and frequent this place, the eggs are delicious, they offer fresh raw milk (which is amazing) and the roaster chicken and sausages are my favorite meats!

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