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A Harvest Dinner & Thanksgiving Dining at Plimoth Plantation

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Posted by Max Grinnell, guest blogger of The Urbanologist

While the leaf peeping may be a fond memory in some parts of the state, one can still find unique Massachusetts experiences that are edifying and engaging.

One such experience is a meal at Plimoth Plantation. The cornucopia of myths and received wisdom surrounding the first Thanksgiving is in the very DNA of American history. Fortunately, the highly skilled culinary historians and experts at the Plantation have done extensive research to bring those with a penchant for foodstuffs a most wonderful set of culinary offerings.

Over the next couple of weeks, visitors can visit the Plantation for one of their special meals: Harvest Dinner with the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Dining, and of course, the very popular Breakfast with Santa.


Pilgrims_stand_horiz_7x5The Harvest Dinner is a meal of course, but it’s also a cultural and musical adventure that takes guests back four centuries. Throughout the meal, diners will be entertained by Pilgrims chiming in with period songs and psalms. Guests are encouraged to get into the festivities by singing a chorus or two, and the whole feeling is redolent of what the German call gemutlichkeit. And the food? The bill of fare includes mussels, a pottage of cabbage, leeks & onions, stewed pompion, and cheesecake.

And why not spend Thanksgiving Dinner with friends new and old at Plimoth Plantation? There’s an elaborate buffet on Thanksgiving Day that includes roast native turkey, cornbread stuffing, crusty rolls, fresh breads of every description, and wood pressed apple cider. The Thanksgiving Dinner includes a selection of fall harvest fruits, split pea soups, and many additional Thanksgiving staples. Also, the family style seating adds a bit of community and conviviality to the proceedings.

A trip down to the Plantation for a meal is time well spent, and don’t forget: admission to the plantation grounds and all the attendant activities is included when you purchase a ticket to one of these rare repasts.

Max Grinnell is a writer based in Cambridge, MA, who writes about cities, public art, geography, travel, and anything else that strikes his fancy. His writings can be found online at www.theurbanologist.com and he tweets over @theurbanologist.

For those that haven’t been to the Plimoth Plantation before, here’s a peek inside:





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