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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

With some of the leading medical and research centers in the country, along with world-class colleges and universities, it’s no surprise that Massachusetts is at the cutting edge when it comes to innovation.

While this creativity and entrepreneurship spans across many industries, Massachusetts has made some especially significant strides when it comes to combining travel and technology; from mapping out road trips around the state state to smartphone-guided tours that put a new spin on historic towns.

Today, we’re going to highlight a few of these developments that lie at the intersection of travel and tech, as well as introduce the communities that make this innovation possible.

No matter how good any idea might be, it won’t get off the ground without the right resources and the right environment. Massitsallhere.com provides a number of resources for business owners, including an abundance of guides explaining how to start and expand businesses in sectors ranging from clean energy to manufacturing.

Compliation Reel from Surrender Pictures on Vimeo.

Not to mention, Boston’s Innovation District, which you’ll find nestled along Boston Harbor, is constantly evolving — whether it’s the next big start-up or a new resourceful mobile app.

#startupcity from Kris Carter on Vimeo.

It certainly comes as no surprise that the last few years have seen some inventive creations, many of which are designed to help you get around, discover a new area, and embrace a digital walking tour, all at your own pace.

For those visiting Provincetown — one of the country’s most renowned tourism spots — a new, locally developed iPhone app is set to take you on an architectural journey that winds through 400 years of Provincetown landmarks and history with a free mobile walking tour.

The Visiting Plymouth app, which is also free, has given residents and visitors a whole new way to experience Plymouth, showcasing attractions, amenities, activities and more.

North of Boston, the free Gloucester HarborWalk app provides an enjoyable 1.2-mile tour of America’s oldest fishing town, with a special emphasis on Gloucester historical and cultural lore.

While some Massachusetts apps can help you explore new areas, others specialize in getting you there on time. Several apps that can help you coordinate a trip on the MBTA; one popular option is Embark, which offers an interactive MBTA map, directions to landmarks, station schedules and T alerts.

For folks who use the bus exclusively, Pocket MBTA is a great companion, with real-time vehicle locations, close-by stops and the capacity to bookmark favorite routes, all for the price of a dollar.

Some of the most popular travel and geo-location apps have Bay State origins, including those designed by Trip Advisor, Kayak and WHERE. And looking forward, usage of locally established apps, like Level Up and SCVNGR, continued to expand.

In addition, new mobile apps are popping everyday, like the Goodee Rainbow Journal, a locally developed, mobile food journal that allows you to keep track of your daily fruit, veggie and grain intake, in a fun, kid-friendly way. You can learn more about Goodee here.

For more resourceful Massachusetts biz-related information, click here.

What’s the one app that you wouldn’t want to live without? Let us know in the comments!

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