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The Boston Cyberarts Gallery!


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Posted by Cristy Maldonado, guest blogger of Boston Urban Safari

The best discoveries can be entirely unexpected, and in this case, it’s an art gallery located inside of a T station just outside of Boston.

As the curious and adventure seeking city-goers will stop and wonder what sits behind the LCD screen decorated entrance, the less inclined will continue their commute. And fewer will actually pass through the doors. But no one would ever expect to find an art gallery at a subway station, and this unexpectedness is one of this gallery’s best-kept secrets.

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery, previously known as the Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media, sits within Green Street station in the heart of Jamaica Plain. The gallery highlights the work of contemporary artists who merge both art and technology in unexpected ways. From 8-bit generated graphics and basic programming languages to CRT computer screens, old and new materials are used to create thought provoking pieces.

The current exhibit, City of Work by Michael Lewy, offers a view into a dystopian society where unemployment is against the law, and vacations are only granted via a state lottery system. Visitors can interact with one display, which measures your job potential and then suggests an acceptable career path. The exhibit is free and on display through February 17th, with open gallery hours available Friday–Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

The Cyberarts Gallery is part of a larger collective known as Boston Cyberarts, Inc., which is also headquartered in Jamaica Plain. The organization offers programs throughout the year including the bi-annual Boston Cyberarts Festival, which is scheduled to take place in spring of 2013. Other programming includes displays at the Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

For more information about the Boston Cyberarts Gallery, head to BostonCyberarts.org, and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about the upcoming Boston Cyberarts Festival, visit the archive from the 2011 festival.

Cristy Maldonado is a city dwelling enthusiast, art/culture/tech lover, and all around curious person. Visit her blog, Boston Urban Safari, to learn more about unique things-to-do, or follow her on Twitter @cristymaldonado


  • teamturner

    Just thought i would comment and say theme, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

  • Kristel Kate

    In 2010 we spent our spring bring at Boston and last year is in Negril Resort. Everything is perfect! and we want to move to another adventure this year. Boston is a very cool place at I think people are all dedicated to work.

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