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Posted by Meghan Malloy, guest blogger of Travel, Wine, and Dine

While the dining scenes in Boston and Cambridge continue to grow, and capture local and national attention, Boston’s largest neighborhood, Dorchester, is often overlooked as a dining destination of its own. Cultures from around the world converge in Dorchester, making it one diverse and delicious place to visit.

A wander down Dorchester Avenue can be like taking a trip around the world. In just a few blocks, you can visit Eastern Europe, Ireland, and Vietnam, with the sights and sounds changing as the businesses do, but also blending together in a way that is uniquely Dorchester.

Fans of hearty Polish fare will want to make a stop at Café Polonia. This cozy spot located close to Andrew Station along the Red Line is decorated with bright colors and wooden tables. The restaurant is small so diners may want to consider making a reservation. Start with a Polish beer and work your way through menu items like kielbasa, potato pancakes, and goulash, all lovingly homemade, and you will be full in no time. Café Polonia is the perfect place to grab a dinner that will ward off the winter chill.

Banh mi sandwiches and sweet Vietnamese coffees are all the rage in the food scene these days, but Banh Mi BA LE (lead photo) has been serving up these traditional treats to hungry Dorchester residents for years. A festive and friendly environment with colorful sweets, bubble tea, and a welcoming staff round out the experience.

Sports fans and anyone looking for a taste of Ireland can wander down to The Banshee to get their fill of soccer and rugby with a side of Irish breakfast, complete with all of the traditional, high quality components. There are few places in Boston that feel more Irish than this spot and no better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Dorchester also happens to offer some of the best patio dining around. Lower rent slightly outside downtown means more space, and restaurants with hidden outdoor spots have made the most of them, turning them into oases where diners feel a world away from the city. dbar, The Ledge, and Ashmont Grill all have creatively used their outdoor space and are serving up some delicious food and cocktails to boot.

No matter what you’re craving, Dorchester has you covered from morning to night. Hop on the Red Line, and discover the deliciousness the south side of the city has to offer.

Meghan Malloy is a Dorchester-based Marketing and Social Media Consultant  and writer of the blog Travel, Wine, and Dine.

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  • Pete

    Café Polonia is actually in Southie, but a great spot nonetheless

  • MATS

    Many nice places on Morrissey Blvd. from subs to Chinese Morrissey blvd right off 93 by out famous rainbow gas tank. the largest privately owned art work in the world,

  • South Shore Foodie

    Been to Café Polonia. Great food. Try the sampler. Make a reservation. The night we were there, potential customers were turned away because the place was full.

  • Poblivion

    Cafe Polonia is NOT in South Boston, although nearly everyone will tell you that. The Polish Church, one block down the street (like, 100 FEET) is 655 Dorchester Ave, DORCHESTER, MA. in DORCHESTER. You can cry “since the highway” or “ZIPCODE” as much as you like, but SOUTH of Andrew Sq. is DORCHESTER, West of Andrew Sq. is Roxbury, and East and North is “South Boston.”

  • @Poblivion

    I’d agree with Pete, Café Polonia is in South Boston…..http://www.cityofboston.gov/parks/OpenSpace_07draft/SouthBostonOpenSpace.pdf

  • Paul

    I live right beside cafe polonia and lived here for 30 years. It’s dorchester not south boston. People get confused and say that’s south boston because of the bridge, but it’s dorchester all the way up to glass installers. This is why it’s called the Polish Triangle in Dorchester. There’s a long history with the US Postal service not wanting to walk over the bridge like 60 years ago so they took it upon themselves to try to call certain areas South Boston even though it’s Dorchester. Trust me when I say we have to pay dorchester insurance and not southie insurance :/

  • Jeff

    Lorenz Island Kuisine Codman Sq. has the best service, Jerk Chicken is vote #1 by Eat24 and they have best Jamaican Food in the city, plus the ambiance is great. Beer and wine also available. Catch the Caribbean atmosphere in Boston at Lorenz Island Kuisine

  • Jessie

    What about 224 Boston, Savin Bar and Kitchen, Shanti, and McKenna’s? Dot has a lot more to offer than what’s in this article.

  • BCboy1

    dining in Dorchester?! Can I get a side of bullets and some heroin for dessert….

    • Anthony

      With comments like that you’re probably some douchy subrbanite who hears Dorchester and thinks like that. You’ve probably never even stepped foot there for fear of getting shot. There are plenty of good places to eat in Dorchester. Stay in your comfort zone and stick to your yuppie spots in Cambridge.

      Someone posting from Dorchester.

      • BCboy1

        In fact, my first generation relatives immigrated to Dorchester from Ireland and I was born in Malden. Sadly, I would not live in either place now, and certainly would not raise my family there. Check the front page of the globe today for the latest in which an anti-violence advocate’s brother was shot. In Dorchester. I hope it rebounds, but it’s changed for the worse and the city crime statistics prove it. And no, I’m not a Cambridge guy either…

  • Dotmama

    What about the Blarney Stone? Great food, great price and awesome garden dining.

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