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Massachusetts, meet GOLIATH!

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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

It’s the world’s tallest inverted boomerang – reaching heights of 20-stories tall, and roaring at 65 mph – leaving words like, “epic,” to be understatements, and sayings like, “must-ride,” to be truths.

Its name is GOLIATH, and with its 3 million pounds of steel, 10 million pounds of concrete, and outrageous green and blue appearance, it is, undoubtedly, this summer’s must-see, must-ride MassFinds “Find of the Month.”

That’s right, folks, GOLIATH is the latest addition to Six Flags New England, located in Agawam, standing as the Parks 11th roller coaster, and debuting as the worlds tallest boomerang-style coaster in the world.

Riders are sent racing head-over-heals on the outside of a 102 ft. vertical loop, followed by an enormous 110 ft. butterfly turn, just before rocketing up the second 20-story tower where they are then hurtled back through the coaster again – only this time, backwards.

Seemingly, though, our words don’t do the coaster its justice – so, for your viewing pleasure, Six Flags New England has provided this whopping look into what lies ahead when you board this gargantuan coaster.

And for those of you that are seeking more of a glance of what’s in store from beginning to end – check out this video that a few MassFinds fans sent our way after their invigorating experience during GOLIATH’s recent media day.

“As the park’s record-breaking coaster, GOLIATH is the perfect complement to our incredible coaster collection,” said John Winkler, Six Flags New England’s park president. “With this latest addition, Six Flags New England surpasses all parks in New England with the largest collection of coasters and attractions. There’s no better way to kick off an epic season than with the addition of GOLIATH.”

If you’re seeking a thrill this summer, then GOLIATH is for you; but before you visit, make sure to check out some of the available Six Flags New England discounts and packages – for example, they’ve recently launched a new “Food, Flags & Fun” package, which happens on select days and includes park admission, an all you can eat lunch buffet, and free parking for $41.99.

Six Flags New England is located on Route 159 at 1623 Main Street in Agawam, MA 01001. You can find them on Facebook here, and also check them out on Twitter at @SF_newengland.

Make sure to also check out our Six Flags New England Mass Insider TXT deal – text MAWestern to #74642.

Have you ridden GOLIATH yet? Do you plan on riding it this summer? If so, share your story in the comments below.


  • Eric

    I took a spin on Goliath… in a word “WOW”!!

  • yourmom

    they need to stop investing in these crappy coasters and go for something more innovative. This is practically a carbon copy of another coaster in the park. It’s stupid crap like this that makes me never want to go there again

  • Susan Anthony

    Glad to these this blog! I also took the spin on this Goliath. Its very joyful. I agree with u Eric, its just WOW!! During evening it looks like the city of Light.  It really vanishes the trill and frustration of summer and heat, as it bring great fun and enjoyment.

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