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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

Welcome to the official blog of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism; a place where you will find all things Massachusetts-related; a place where the lesser-known gems of the Commonwealth will shine; a place where you can tell your very own Massachusetts experience; and, ultimately, a place to learn something new, share information, and converse. This is MassFinds.

Why a blog? Well, to step back a little bit, as the State’s Office of Travel and Tourism, we are some of the most passionate individuals about our state – and we, undeniably, recognize that our fans, residents, and future travelers share that same passion. Whether it’s a merriment of our State’s deep-rooted history, an outdoor adventure that spans across four seasons, a celebration of local sports, or a mouthwatering cup of chowder, Massachusetts has something for everyone – and we are here to bring that to light.

We’ve been extremely excited about the success, engagement, and well, fun that we have been fortunate to receive throughout social media channels.  Between our Visit Massachusetts Facebook page, our @VisitMA Twitter account, and most recently, our Visit Massachusetts Google+ page, we’ve seen the “social sphere” grow into a dimension of engagement and conversations that we’re compelled to contribute to.

As a result, we have launched our official blog, MassFinds.

Along with the daily produced content on MassFinds, there are several other blog elements that we would love for you to become familiar with. As we like to think of ourselves as experts upon the subject, we also want to involve our readers in helping to produce content as much as possible – so, we’ve created two elements for you to take advantage of.

  1. Be a Guest Blogger: Would you like to write for MassFinds?  Whether it’s a single post or a series of posts, we’d love to feature you.  For more information and guidelines, please click the “Be a Guest Blogger” icon on the right hand side of the blog.
  2. Suggest a Find: Do you have a great blog post idea for MassFinds? Suggest a Find, and we’ll be sure to try and include it within our editorial calendar. For more information and guidelines, please click the “Suggest a Find” icon located above the “Be a Guest Blogger” icon.

Also, aside from our daily MassFinds posts, you can also check-in with our “Find of the Month” and “Find of the Week” features. Both features are enabled to keep you up-to-date on selected month’s most notable events, and also the week’s most popular blog post.

  1. Find of the Month: A monthly-featured event, activity, destination, or establishment that is highly recommended.
  2. Find of the Week: A weekly-featured blog post that leads in the popularity department of shares, likes, comments, and +1’s.

Lastly, please feel free to share, tweet, +1, and comment on our content as you see fit, we greatly appreciate any input that you might have. You can also Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter to keep up with our daily blog posts.

So, please join us, as we launch into the colorfully engaging world of travel, tourism, and blogging. This is Massachusetts – soak up our culture, celebrate our history and nature, and bond with friends and family – there’s a multitude of things to do and see. It’s all here.

Stay tuned.

  • Mott–a blog is a great idea! I can’t wait to read through it. 

  • And if you’d like, you can read my blog at http://www.grouptourmagazine.com/blog/.

  • Nice looking blog!  I think WordPress is the best platform out there, and I look forward to regular updates.

  • Faith Flaherty

    Can’t wait to see suggestions.  Now that summer’s here, we can check them out.  A little traveling music, please….

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