If you like beaches, witches, seafaring and freedom (and who doesn’t?), the North of Boston region is for you. Here on the North Shore, you can explore 30 miles of gorgeous rocky coastline, with stops along the way as varied as the Salem Witch Museum and the New England Pirate Museum. Further inland, in the Greater Merrimack Valley, you can relive the revolution (just the fun, non-Bayonet-y, parts) in Lexington and Concord.  Did we mention there’s a North of Boston Seafood Trail that even has its own app? Yep, we just did. Tie on your lobster bib.

For more information on the North of Boston region, visit these sites:
North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
Greater Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau




  • Rockport X
  • Bearskin Neck +
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    Bearskin Neck


  • Emerson Inn By The Sea +
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    Emerson Inn By The Sea


  • Grand Cafe at Emerson Inn By The Sea +
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    Grand Cafe at Emerson Inn By The Sea


  • Old Sloop Coffeehouse +
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    Old Sloop Coffeehouse


  • Rockport Garden Club +
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    Rockport Garden Club


  • Rockport Music +
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    Rockport Music