Don’t tell anyone, but Massachusetts is kind of a big nerd. We simply love science and nature. You could say it’s in our nature, with scenic roads like the lovely Mohawk Trail, 1500 miles of postcard pretty coastline, and some of America’s most brilliant fall foliage. We could spend hours at the Museum of Science, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and wish we could live at the Franklin Park Zoo or maybe the Butterfly Place, surrounded by colorful creatures. And don’t even get us started on the New England Aquarium, fully renovated in 2013.

June is rivers month. Check out the 2014 Massachusetts Rivers Months Calendar.

  • Museum of Science, Boston

  • Franklin Park Zoo, Boston

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  • Swift River Reservation +
    16 saves

    Swift River Reservation


  • Tougas Family Farm +
    18 saves

    Tougas Family Farm


  • Tower Hill Botanic Garden +
    114 saves

    Tower Hill Botanic Garden


  • Wakefield Estate +
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    Wakefield Estate


  • Warwick State Forest & Sheomet Pond +
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    Warwick State Forest & Sheomet Pond


  • The Whydah Pirate Museum +
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    The Whydah Pirate Museum


  • Winslow Crocker House, A Historic New England Property +
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    Winslow Crocker House, A Historic New England Property

    Yarmouth Port

  • Wistariahurst Museum +
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    Wistariahurst Museum


  • Woodville Maples +
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    Woodville Maples


  • Working Waterfront Festival +
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    Working Waterfront Festival

    New Bedford

  • World's End +
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    World's End


  • Young's Bicycle Shop +
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    Young's Bicycle Shop




    The collaboration of 3 Great Museums, all within a few miles distance, offering discount admissions incentives to enhance visitation to these... more

    + 4 saves
  • Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary


    Spanning hundreds of acres of protected beach, fields, woodlands, pond, and marsh, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary was created by generous... more

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  • Amelia Park Children''s Museum


    Children are immersed in fresh, vibrant learning experiences utilizing innocative exhibits. This, couples with programs that have measurable outcome, provide... more

    + 3 saves
  • Aptucxet Trading Post Museum Complex-Bourne Historical Society


    Replica of Pilgrim-Dutch trading post; windmill; 17th-century herb and wildflower gardens; Native American artifacts; picnic area. Salt works, Gray Gables... more

    + 0 saves
  • Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary


    Seven hundred and twenty-five acres of woods, meadow, and marsh; five miles of trails; observation tower. Look for signs of... more

    + 6 saves
  • Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge


    Over the North River. more

    + 3 saves
  • Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary

    East Falmouth

    Self-guided nature walks and holly trail; barn swallow colony, May-Aug. more

    + 2 saves
  • Asia-Barong

    Great Barrington

    Mega space of Asiatic art. Largest gallery of indoor/outdoor Asian art, artifact, and sculpture in the United States. more

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Outdoor Adventure: It's all here

Looking for fun things to do and see in Massachusetts?

Get some outdoor adventure ideas