Secret Symbolism: Decoding Color in Russian Icons

Tue. - Fri., 11AM - 3PM; Thurs. 'til 7PM; Sat. 9AM - 3PM Sat, Jan 4 - Sat, Mar 1, 2014

Venue: Museum of Russian Icons

203 Union Street, Clinton, Clinton, MA 01510


Rob Zeleniak


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Visitors discover how various colors and tints reveal and augment the meaning of these sacred paintings. Understanding the connotation of the palette of colors typically used in icon "writing" cultivates a deeper understanding of the saints and legends the paintings portray. The age of the icons in the exhibit, selected from the Museum collection, ranges from the 15th through 19th centuries. The colors featured in the exhibit are gold, white, green, black and variations of red and blue. Though the exhibit highlights icons from different centuries, stylistic schools, and geographic regions, the use of color is remarkably consistent. Consequently, each color has been determined to represent a unique, corresponding meaning within the context of Russian Iconography.

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