Nothing says “I love you” like a brewery tour. Whether it’s Wachusett Brewing Company or award-winning Samuel Adams, grab a beer or two at one of our famous Massachusetts breweries! Open for tours and drinks.

Check out the 8 Best Big City Octoberfests in the US.

  • Cisco Brewery, Nantucket

  • Mayflower Brewery, Plymouth

  • Sam Adams Brewery +
    12 saves

    Sam Adams Brewery

    Jamaica Plain

  • American Fresh Brewhouse +
    9 saves

    American Fresh Brewhouse


  • KBC Brewery & Beer Garden +
    1 saves

    KBC Brewery & Beer Garden


  • Smith's Billiards Lounge +
    1 saves

    Smith's Billiards Lounge


  • Ipswich Ale Brewery +
    0 saves

    Ipswich Ale Brewery


  • Down the Road Beer Co.


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