Old South Meeting House

Where the Boston Tea Party began in 1773!

310 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108

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Visit the famed, National Historic Landmark where liberty found its allies and the American Revolution gained its voice. Within the walls of Old South Meeting House, meeting by meeting, vote by vote, a revolution began. Highlights of the Old South Meeting House: The authentic 1729 meeting house where the Boston Tea Party began- one of the nation's most important colonial landmarks! A charming historic 3-D model of colonial Boston showing the Patriots' route to the harbor! John Hancock's portable writing desk A first edition 1773 book by slave & poet Phillis Wheatley And many more rare revolutionary artifacts and historic documents

Upcoming Event:

  • The 3nd Annual Fifth of March Anniversary Orations - Speak Out!

    Co-Sponsored by the History Department, Suffolk University and The Bostonian Society Each year from 1772 to 1775, massive gatherings of men, women...

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    Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Upcoming Event:

  • Middays at the Meeting House- Boston's Neighborhood Churches - Restoration Stories & Lost Treasures

    Part of the Series Churches, Cafes & Community Centers: Historic Preservation for Boston's Neighborhoods, Co-Sponsored by LivableStreets Alliance The period...

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    Fri, Apr 21, 2017

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  • Middays at the Meeting House-Activating a Historic Site - Sip & Spoke Bike Kitchen, Dorchester

    The Upham's Corner Comfort Station, a stucco and tile "mission style" building adjacent to the historic Dorchester North...

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    Fri, Apr 28, 2017

Upcoming Event:

  • Middays at the Meeting House- From Firehouse to Art Center - ZUMIX, East Boston

    The Engine Company 40 Firehouse in East Boston's Jeffries Point neighborhood operated from 1924-1977, after which it stood vacant for almost 30...

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    Fri, May 5, 2017

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  • Old South Abbey/A Downton Experience - The Engagement Gala

    Dinner & A Show at the Meeting House! Downton comes Downtown in a unique evening of dinner and theater. Celebrate...

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    Thu, Jun 1, 2017

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