10 Breathtaking Photos Taken In Boston

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Boston is full of iconic scenes — from the Public Garden and Beacon Hill to the North End, these landmarks add up to make the Hub a walking city like no other.

The landmarks aren’t just fun for walkers, either. Boston’s geography and architecture also provide ample opportunity for photographers to show off their artistic talent, and capture the city in a truly unique way.

Sean Gold, a local photographer, endeavors each day to capture the different features, landscapes and cultures all present in Boston, with an eye towards drawing something special out of everyday scenes.

Sean was kind enough to let us share some of his work here for you to enjoy. If you’re interested in seeing more, Sean’s website, Facebook page and Instagram account are the best places to start.

But right now, just sit back, scroll down and, in Sean’s words, enjoy what this wonderful world (and city!) has to offer.

Fenway Park: Game 6 of the 2013 World Series

A bird’s-eye view of Fenway Park captured during Game 6 of the World Series

The ARC Gloria

Tall Ship Festival near the World Trade Center

The Zakim Bridge, as seen from the North Station overlook

The Zakim Bridge, as seen from the North Station overlook

The Flag of the U.S.S WASP

Boston, as seen from the back of the U.S.S. WASP aircraft carrier

The Lights of Quincy Market

Quincy Market at nighttime

 The ICA serving as a platform for divers during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The ICA serving as a platform for divers during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The State House

The new State House

 Harbor Mist

Boston Harbor sunset on return from George’s Island

 The Christian Science Center's reflection pool

The Christian Science Center’s reflection pool

Below the Zakim

The Zakim Bridge, as seen from the pedestrian bridge

If you could have one of these framed and on your wall, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments! For more on all that Boston has to offer, click here.

  • Edutrae

    I’d love to have the Quincy market one, framed.

    • MassVacation

      Good choice, Edutrae! Love how bright that one is.

  • Ynsanchez

    How do you get on the pedestrian bride?

    • MassVacation

      We’re not entirely sure about that, Ynsanchez, but the photographer who took these photos is actually planning on writing a follow up post with some stories behind the shots. We can definitely ask him to include something about that!

  • Elaine

    I love them all, but my favourite has to be the sunset pic on the water. :)

    • MassVacation

      Great pick, Elaine! One of our faves, too :)

  • Catherine D

    To get on the bridge you can get on from north point park in east Cambridge!

  • Charles E Hoy

    Knew Lenny Zakim from working at CJP, enjoyed many Red Sox games, served aboard the Wasp., went to comedy shows at Quincy Market, as I’m from N. Cambridge, and we have our fair share of History there, as well. Surprised there isn’t a pic of Old Ironsides here.

    • MassVacation

      Nice, Gary! Sean might have one of the USS Constitution as well. Might be worth taking a look through his website.

  • Kathy Cremin

    I love the first one. Which I think is the Waterfront. I love Quincy Market to be framed. I just learned the Zakim has a pedestrian bridge and I love that bridge. I have been following Sean’s work for 5 years now. There is a growth in his passion and knowledge of capture’s and the history behind them.
    Also of the equipment he uses to embellish and add some delight and or mystery to the canvas.
    Some photos are as if the moments were waiting for him. So in this short series I would have the Quincy Market at Night framed because of the variety of colors and acitvity in the picture. Thanks Sean.

    • MassVacation

      Good choice, Kathy! :)

  • inspiredlife

    These are gorgeous! They’ve made me completely homesick! The State House looks magical and as a hardcore Sox fan, I love the photo of Fenway. If I had to pick one though, the sunset one is stunning. Thanks for introducing us to this fabulous photographer!