Capt. Bill & Sons Whale Watching!

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Being up close and personal to a breaching 50-foot, 40-ton whale is an experience that you won’t forget. And as Massachusetts boasts one of the top-ten whale watching spots in the world – according to the World Wildlife Fund – the local season is underway, and charter reservations are ready to be made!

Specifically, there’s a well-established, family -owned and operated whale watching company nestled north of Boston in Gloucester, MA that is celebrating their 50th season – Capt. Bill & Sons Whale Watch.

With their 100-foot vessel, Miss Cape Ann, a state of the art vessel that is custom designed to offer the safest, smoothest whale watching experience with an ample amount of viewing and seating room, Capt. Bill & Sons offers a three to four hour tour along some of Massachusetts’ most-notable whale feeding areas – Stellwagen Bank and Jeffrey’s Ledge, both National Marine Sanctuaries.

Each tour is guided by one of Capt. Bill & Sons’ signature captains, and a collection of expert naturalists that aim to balance the interest of the whales and their customers in a way like no other – providing a setting where the customers actually become part of the research team by utilizing spotting techniques, and learning about whale behaviors, biology, and social structure.

As it goes with whale watching, though, seeing is believing. And fortunately, the good folks at Capt. Bill & Sons Whale Watch have provided us with a look at that adventure that’s in store!

For more information on rates, reservations, and to save $5.00 off your next trip, click here. Make sure to also stay up-to-date with the Capt. Bill & Sons blog, Facebook page, and Twitter @captbillandsons.

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    Looking for an R V park on interstate 3 between Plymouth and the Cape.  Can anyone help me.  David Low